Incorporating Your Website? Consider the Single Member LLC For Your Internet Business

If you’re serious about transforming your business from a mere “website” into having a true internet business, you’ll eventually consider incorporation. do you need an LLC for an online business

Intuitively, all business owners know that they need to incorporate their business.

However, it all seems so complicated, and the objections are numerous:

  • You don’t want to deal with a lawyer
  • Government filings are a pain
  • You don’t want to file an extra corporate tax return
  • Incorporating sounds very expensive

Sometimes, it seems easier just to put things off.

The Single Member LLC – Perfect for Webmasters and Homebased Businesses

The single member limited liability company (LLC), however, solves almost all these problems.

A single member LLC is just what it sounds like – a limited liability company with only one owner (owners of LLCs are called “members”). You have all the limited liability protects of a separate corporate existence, even though you own the entire company.