Naturopathy Courses – A Commitment to Intellectual Development and Health and Healing Practice

Alternative and complementary medicine (CAM) consists of over 100 alternative and traditional therapies being followed for over many hundreds of years. These aim at curing a disease, a human being, an organism from ailments using natural and herbal remedies. Of these many alternative therapies, the most prominent and vastly emerged form of alternative medicine is naturopathy also termed as naturopathic medicine and natural medicine. Naturopathy is the premier alternative therapy combining several different therapies and aiming at curing a person naturally using nature cure. Usage of drugs and surgery is absolutely contradictory to the basis principles of naturopathy. indian cam girls

Learning naturopathy means learning to cure naturally, either self or others. A section of the society considers alternative medicine detrimental to health cure and treatment and believes that naturopathy has no true fundamentals to support its curing mechanism. However the cures, the treatment and the effects are for everyone to see. Science, Research and Developments have proven their effects. To talk like a layman, this universe is over many thousands of years old and modern medicine was introduced about many thousands of years later. So until then when people used natural cure for diseases and lived their lives happily, how can someone claim them to have no effect. Such claims go beyond science and many scientists who are facing trouble proving the opposite.

Through naturopathy courses, a person learns its history, its principles and its philosophy. A person is embarked upon with knowledge on what natural health is and how it plays a role in the hygiene of a person and what the health solutions are through herbs. A person is able to learn a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and human health sciences like anatomy, physiology and pathology. A person gets to understand how to deal with emergencies using immediate first aid.

Botanical (Herbal) medicine, yoga, massage, meditation, physiotherapy and psychotherapy are what define naturopathy. A person learns how naturopathy is different from other medicinal modalities like Homeopathy, Ayurveda (An ancient and highly popular Indian alternative mode of treatment) and Modern Medicine itself. This comparative study enables one to read any prescription by a doctor of any field of medicine and prescribe natural therapies thereinafter.

Most doctors of conventional medicine now apart from prescribing drugs (which they have to otherwise a patient is never satisfied and does not value the caliber of the practitioner) also prescribe usage of yoga and meditation to deal with stress (the major ailment around the world now) apart from a healthy and nutritious diet.